Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Almost Ready to Leave

Last week I took my last business trip for HCA.  It was a really productive trip (in Denver) working with my former boss - a really good ending to a long career.  Suzanne was the first person I worked with when I came to Nashville and went to work for a local HCA hospital so it was only fitting to spend my last trip working with her too.  Now comes the real business of wrapping up my projects and handing off the outstanding 'stuff'.  Saying goodbye to everyone and closing up my office.  It has all been a little harder than I anticipated - but in a good way I am really ready for a change!!

Today, my commute home took over 5 hours - because it snowed!!!  I am very much looking forward to not driving a car at all and especially not commuting to work.  I won't miss the snow either.  Even when I am complaining about how hot it is in the sumer - I will NOT miss the snow!!!

I got my visa, temporary ID badge, and other required papers in the mail today.  I am pretty much packed at home.  I visited my dad this weekend - probably the last time for a few months anyway.  I have a couple of going away parties this week.  Sunday will be the last time I attend my church.  I leave for the Kingdom next Friday!!!!  This month has gone by really fast and I am sure it will continue at warp speed until I leave.  I will try to post one more time before I go.  It will most likely take a couple of weeks to get my internet access in the Kingdom - but I hope to have plenty of interesting factoids to post by then : )

For my Nashville friends - my mom is hosting a little gather at the Embassy Suites in Cool Springs on Sunday from 2-4.  Please stop by if you can.  But if I miss you  this time - I will be back in it is really just "so long for now"!

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