Sunday, January 16, 2011

Countdown Begins....

It is real.....I really am going....It still hasn't entirely sunk in!  This week I gave notice to my full-time job (HCA) that I would be leaving in February and I worked my last days at "job number 2" NHC Place Rehab.  I worked with all my good friends on the last day and I realized I am going to miss people I have known for many years!!  The nurses and techs are really good people - they have been great fun to work with on the weekends and the patients are really nice to get to know too.  I am beginning to wonder what I will do if I actually have a weekend off.....which brings me to my next thought - the weekends in Saudi Arabia are on Thursday and Friday since Friday is the Muslim Holy Day.  I wonder how hard that will be to adjust to and if it will feel weird to work on Saturday and Sunday?

I went to church this morning....that might be the single thing (except my family) that I will miss the most.  I really love my church and I love being so free to worship Jesus.  The compound I will be living in has 3 Christian churches, I can bring my Bible, and there are many Christians living there but I am still a little nervous...I can't imagine my life these days without Jesus.  I have prayed about a job and a situation like this one a long time and this has really felt like an answer to those prayers so I am trusting that the Lord will pave the way.  He has already put some amazing people in my life that live and work in the same compound so I will praise him and trust him every day!

My last official day at work is 2/14 and I will leave 2/18.  I have a lot of things to finalize here and not the least of which is packing my office!!!  I have no idea even where to start.  I think I might need a BIG trash can ; )   My Dorie picture "Just Keep Swimming" and my Tim Tebow posters are definitely coming with me though!!

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